Friday, March 1, 2013

One Fish Two Fish Activities

          feb 22 004
For the light table I traced the shapes of plastic fish and added colour. 
Then laminated the fish on a big sheet and placed it on the table.
feb 27 014  feb 28 049
The children then matched the fish by looking at the size, shapes and colours.
Some were challenging because they were either sideways or upside down.

           march 1 017
            Fishing in the sensory tub (minus the water).
march 1 014   march 1 023
   Not only enjoying the experience of catching the fish
                 but having a fish fry too.

     march 1 005
                  Fish painting at the art table.
march 1 010  march 1 011
Red and blue for patterning but because the fish I used were made
of plastic the focus became more of how to press it on the paper
to make a good print.

                march 1 016
We discovered, while washing our hands, that red and blue
                    paint together make purple.

   march 1 019
At the snack table we did a coloured fish sort (so excited that
 these coloured fish crackers are now available in BC).
march 1 009  march 1 013
Most of the children would match the cracker to the picture then eat it. 
Others did sort them all and that allowed us to talk about most and least.