Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Saying Hello to Our Chicks

Day two and we arrived to find six more chicks, two of them freshly hatched. 
Once they were dry we moved them from the incubator to the brooding bin.
I wanted the children to have the opportunity to hold the chicks but I was nervous of how careful they would be so we established a few rules.
Only a parent or myself could take a chick out
IMG_5902 and the children had to be sitting down.
It was a highlight of my day to introduce a chick to a child.  Then handing the responsibility over to them to gently care for it.
They were so careful as they checked it all over.  Gently pulling on it’s little wing,  counting it’s toes and snuggling it close.
It has been a wonderful time for grown up and child to share this special moment.
And for our youngest to reach and stretch and try to get their hands on them.
Many parents used the opportunity to use our resources to reinforce how the chicks were made.  They also took the time to read a few stories about chicks as they sat together.
The children were shocked to see the chicks poop, and we saw a lot of it on day 2.  Does that mean they are eating?  Another Mother Hen worry.
IMG_6010 IMG_5917
We’ve named some of the chicks and will continue to think of some for the
others as we continue to watch them.