Monday, December 2, 2013

Aliens Love Underpants

                           book cover
This is such a fun and silly book.  Aliens don’t come down to earth to see us.  No they come to see our underpants.  There were giggles from young and old when I read this story.
                  nov 29 005
“Their spaceship’s radar bleeps and blinks the moment that it sees, a washing line of underpants all flapping in the breeze.”  With that line in mind I set up an invite for the children to design a pair of underpants and add to our clothesline.
            dec 2 014 dec 2 036
                         nov 29 019
   The children became interested after we read the book a couple of times.
       dec 2 015
        I wonder if they were designed after their own underpants?
             dec 2 037
        And like the aliens some wanted to take some home.

I just learned that there are more book in this series by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort.  I can't wait to read "Pirates Love Underpants".