Monday, February 16, 2015

Another Fruit Box Toy

I still have a few more fruit boxes in my storage room and was thrilled to pull one out this week to make a new toy for the younger children in our centre.
                      IMG_5331 (2)
The basket of hair curlers have been out, to play with, for a couple of weeks so it was easy to use those as toys to push through holes in the box.  I first traced the different sizes of curlers and cut out the hole.
                IMG_5390 IMG_5392
This year I have many more children under 3 years old then I have ever had so I’ve been creating more toys with loose parts for that age.
Notice the little one with the pink pants?  She isn’t walking yet but is standing on her own and beginning to shuffle sideways around the box.  The box is a great size to allow her to support herself, move and explore..
      It is also big enough for several children to play at the same time.
                     may 7 048
A couple of years ago I made a similar toy for the children to play with at the table.  They really enjoyed it.
So I shouldn’t have been surprised that even the older children were interested in playing with the box.