Monday, November 10, 2014

Button Trays

A trip to the dollar store inspired me to find The Button Box book again. 
          Buttons are enjoyed by both children and adults.
The first day the buttons were available I noticed that most of our toddlers loved dumping the buttons and running their fingers through them.
Day 2, I added trays which helped keep the buttons contained, off the floor
             and little ones' mouths, and easier to clean up.

As I watched, I noticed...
the older children being more thoughtful on how they used the buttons
                        and where they placed them.
I saw preference for colour and size.  The colour most often chosen was purple.  They preferred the large buttons over the small.  I’m guessing because they were
                                 easier to pick up.
As the children played they learned about colours, sizes, shapes, patterns.  They worked their small finger muscles, as well as crossing the midline of their body when they reached for more buttons.