Friday, March 8, 2013

Make it Rain Part 2

         march 8 043
      Nicole’s experiment was so attractive that I
          left the materials out for today. 
  march 8 016
      There was a whole new group of children today
  and I decided to perform it on the overhead projector.
  march 8 018
As I sprayed the shaving cream in the bowl of water the children
                watched it on the wall. 
            It looked like a cloud moving.
             march 8 019 Until it was dark.
march 8 021  march 8 022
    I started to add food colouring, one at a time.  Nothing happened. 
                     So I had to keep adding more.
       march 8 026
                       And the children kept watching. 
   How full did the cloud need to be before it would start to rain? 
                          I added more colouring.
      march 8 027
     march 8 030 Then finally it started to drizzle.
     march 8 034 Then pour.
  march 8 037 Then a flood of colour.

march 8 039 march 8 040
                    The children were fascinated. 
    The colours were illuminated on the projector but not on the wall.
           march 8 041 
As the children watched the wall I moved the cloud to the side. 
      It was like the sun beginning to shine through.
       march 8 044
I was starting to scoop out the cloud so we could
continue looking at the colour on the wall when
our visiting music teacher arrived.  I had totally
forgotten she was coming so we quickly cleaned
up and that was that
                          – for today.