Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, Snow, No Snow

Oh how I'm waiting for it to snow outside. But in the meantime we've had fun with snow activities indoors.We built a snow scene today. One thing that I've noticed is that children like to play with miniatures. I've been stocking up as I Thrift store shop.

First I put a sheet of sytrofoam in a cardboard box tray. Added a dome shaped styrofoam on top at one end of the box, then covered it all with white cotton batting. It looked like a snow hill.

Available to add were mini styrfoam balls, people, animals, sleds and trees (really tree ornaments).
The play began as soon as the first child arrived. Oh there were also little troll dolls (the ones with lots of hair) and little rabbits that had skiis on their feet.
I enjoyed listening to the stories that were being created as they played.

At the craft table we made snowstorms using white paint,. bubble wrap and sparkles.

Still waiting for it to snow outside, the forecast is for late tomorrow. I hope so!