Monday, March 5, 2012

Go Dog Go

This was our art table this morning.
No finished product to take home.
But lots of creativity and imagination happened.
Inspired by the book "Go, Dog, Go" the children were
encouraged to draw roadways on the paper.
They are use to drawing on smaller pieces of paper
so  for some they drew small.
After drawing their roads they drove the cars on them.
Lots of curves in some of the roads.
Driving carefully, following each line of the roads that they made.
Then the dogs joined in on the fun.
 Go, dogs, go.
A grandmother was reading the book as the children were playing
and she pointed out the helicopter.
One was found from the block area and added.
 Traffic signs were made from popsicle sticks.
Red means stop.
Green means go.
The older children (4&5yrs) really got into the
imaginative play scene.
Whereas the younger children enjoyed the individual toys.
This was our art table at the end of the morning.