Saturday, December 22, 2012

They Have Returned

              dec 21 007
                    Our GingerKids have returned!

It’s true what they say “If you build it they will come.”
                         - they did.
dec 17 011  dec 18 007
We spent the week decorating a gingerbread house in hopes that
our GingerKids would like to move in.

                  dec 17 032
We read through all the letters and post cards we have received
from around the world.  
dec 19 003 dec 19 004
Plus a couple of new ones from Laurie and Donna.

dec 17 020 dec 18 011 dec 19 006
                And we kept on decorating.

         dec 20 026
Then this morning, the last day of school before Christmas break,
there they were tucked inside their new home. 
dec 21 008 dec 21 009
     dec 21 035
   Including one final letter full of Christmas wishes.

        dec 21 014
       We're happy to see them back too.

It’s been a grand adventure learning about the world around us. 
Thank you for sharing a little part of your world with us.