Friday, June 17, 2016

Snail Eggs

Every year we create a Snail Garden.
Most families have snails in their gardens that they are willing to give away
 and we find them fascinating to watch.
To start we sprayed the soil till it was very wet then sprinkled on 
wheat grass seeds.
They grow quickly and thickly.
Each day we sprayed them with water, which the children love to do.
Less than a week the grass was grown.
This morning I went into my flower garden and found two snails to bring to school.
They moved in and we gave them cucumbers for eating.
I cover the garden with screening so the snails won't escape
and to keep them safe from little fingers when an adult is not around.
We watched the bigger snail explore his new home.
We could see his foot moving on the screen and the shiny trail he left behind.
But the most exciting thing to happen was to watch the smaller snail
lay eggs.
I've never seen this happen before and I felt like a proud mama.
We picked up one of the resource books from the library and learned that it will
take 3-4 weeks for them to hatch.
Once the eggs were laid it slimed it's way up the side of the bin.
The children were fascinated.
I borrowed these snail puppets from our district's Learning Resource Centre
to further their interest.