Monday, May 1, 2017

Ball Roll Painting

I was given this huge box and my first thought was marble painting.
But I thought, it's too big for our little ones to use
so we needed help from our big buddies.
After giving a bit of instruction, asking the big buddies to kneel so
they would be at the same level as their little buddy,
they enthusiastically started rolling.
Look at the concentration and focus on their faces.
They were encouraged to move the box up and down,
side to side.
Gripping the box and using their muscles to control where the ball will roll
was a new experience for some.
Getting a closer look at the ball then adding more paint
 then painting continued.

We also set up smaller boxes for one or two buddy pairs to try.

We used a variety of balls.
My favourite was this prickly ball and the design it left on the paper.
All done and time to take our art work inside
and get cleaned up.
It's great when we can share are buddy work with the whole school.
I snapped this photo of a group of big buddies enjoying the painting process.
Very cool!