Monday, January 18, 2016


The children continue to play with our rabbit warren toy.
One day I overheard a family playing and talking about 
a fox chasing a rabbit.
I looked in my basket of animals but couldn't find a fox.
But it started the idea of 'predators'.
I did find a wolf, a cougar and some dogs.
All would either chase a rabbit to play or chase to eat it.
The rabbits slid down to hide in their burrow
while the predators barked above at the holes.
Over the weekend I went thrift store shopping 
and found a few more animals to add to our play.
One being a fox.

Starry Night Final Method

Our final art experience with Van Gogh's Starry Night.
We created mosaics.
I had precut the little pieces of tissue paper.
Using a paper cutter made it quick and easy.
Some children layered the colours over and over.
Others dealt with the stickiness of the diluted glue.
We learned what happens to the tissue when too much is piled on
and not enough glue was added.
Sparkly stars,
blue skies.
It has been a lot of fun exploring this piece of art 
and the discussions with parents.
Soon we'll look at Monet's Waterloo Bridge.