Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gung Hay Fat Choy to the Fairies

           feb 9 003
We have been reading books about Chinese New Year
this past week and one of my favourites is
“This Next New Year”.
    feb 7 001
The story is from the perspective of the little boy and
what he and his family do to prepare for the New Year.

Here are a couple of my favourite pages in the book.
feb 7 002
They clean their house to sweep out the old so there is room
for the good luck to come in. 
      feb 7 003
The last page “I have so many dreams,” connected me
back to our fairy lane.  That was a dream that has come true.

Many people have been visiting Fairy Lane in the last little while,
all leaving them gifts.  So much so that some of the fairy doors
were getting cluttered.
feb 6 016 feb 6 012
To make the connection stronger for the children between what we
learned at school and what we can do in real life,  we decided to
visit Fairy Lane and sweep out the old.
feb 5 004 feb 5 005
Nicole, an ECE practicum student, and I made little brooms from
doweling and dried corn husks.
     feb 5 065
We prepared the I Spy nature bags and were ready to go.
feb 6 043  feb 6 030
As we walked through the woods some of the doors we could spot
quite easily because of the brightly coloured treasures that were
piled at their doors.
feb 6 040 feb 6 041
Each child picked a door and decided what to collect in to their bags.
They had to decide what would stay behind too because we didn’t
want to remove all the treasures, just to tidy.
    feb 6 036
    They used their brooms to make one last sweep then
feb 6 183 feb 6 177
                  left the brooms for the fairies.
feb 6 016  feb 6 176
                          Before and after.

After all the cleaning we had one more activity to do.
feb 6 073 feb 6 075
Emptying out the bags and sorting what we had collected.
feb 6 077 feb 6 080
As the children sorted in different ways the grown ups helped them
label and record how they sorted.
feb 6 082 feb 6 172

I collected all of our work and took it back to the school to share.
feb 6 195
feb 6 199  feb 6 202
The fairies are now ready for a new year and may good luck come their way.

Fluster Buster