Monday, October 15, 2018

Fairy Tea Party 2018

Even though I have retired from StrongStart there are some activities that I love and will continue.
One is the Fairy Tea Party.
All set up.
Greeting the little fairies when they arrived.
Fairy Maureen explained how many doors were hidden around the park.
She gave each child a pipe cleaner with a bell tied to it.
When they find a door, beside it is a jar of beads, they take one bead and thread it on their pipe cleaner.
That way they can keep count of how many doors they found.
She also asked them to gently ring the bell beside each door to say thanks to the fairies for the gift.
Off they went running, searching and having fun.
Finding a door, collecting their bead and stringing it on.
Then off again.
After finding all the doors they went to find Fairy Maureen for tea.

Yum, fairy cakes and tea.
It was a wet morning but the fairies and gnomes didn't mind.