Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Creating New Snowflakes from Old

        jan 9 012
Using paint rollers is a favourite at the art table
(you may of heard me say that before). 
It doesn’t matter what we are doing, it draws the children to the table. 
This morning we re-purposed items that looked like snowflakes to make snowflake prints.

jan 9 029  jan 9 030
We used non slip bath tub shapes that looked like a flower. 
We painted it two ways, with the suction cups facing up,
jan 9 058   jan 9 009
                                                      and down.

jan 9 011  jan 9 012 (2)
We used plastic snowflakes that worked beautifully
      jan 9 013
and left an impression in the paint on the tray. 
We tried pressing paper on it to make a print but it smooshed into a blob.

jan 9 017  jan 9 021
We used cardboard snowflakes that left a great print too
 and was easy to roll the paint onto.

jan 9 061 jan 9 063
We used bubble wrap and the children painted it two ways,
on top of paper leaving an outline and
then by pressing the paper on top of bubble wrap. 

jan 9 019  jan 9 020
We tried making snowflakes with straws too.
Not too successful though.

    jan 9 015
This mom decided to cut out her own snowflake and paint it
~ wonderful!

jan 9 031
It was messy artwork but lots of fun.

      jan 9 014 Proud to show off her art.