Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gnome Homes in Nanaimo

In June I learned about a man in Nanaimo, BC (just down island from me) that creates Gnome doors.  His website Believe & Magic Happens tells the story of how gnomes migrated from Europe to Canada to Vancouver Island.  It’s a great story and he includes descriptions of gnomes and how they live.
   IMG_2391 IMG_2392
We found some of his homes at two parks in Nanaimo.   The first park is Morrell Nature Sanctuary.  The homes are easy to find on an easy loop trail.  There is a map by the parking lot.

Here are a few of Charlie’s beautiful decorated homes.
IMG_2374 IMG_2385
IMG_2386 IMG_2389

The second park is Neck Point Park.  An inviting park right on the water.  The doors weren’t as easy to find because there is no identification at the park that they are even there. 
I found a blog that helped us find our way.  Follow their directions and
you’ll find them. 
IMG_2406 IMG_2417
Most of them are very obvious on the wide path.  We passed another family searching and it was delightful to watch two little girls run tree to tree hoping to find another.
                            Happy home hunting.