Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Message from the Fairies

      IMG_0999 (2)
This morning as I was entering Fairy Lane I was surprised and thrilled to see
this sign. “Love” made with paint and glitter. 
It must be the fairies way of saying thank you.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been able to walk through Fairy Lane
almost everyday and I’ve been tickled each time to find a new little treasure
left by the doors.
IMG_0994  IMG_0995
Ornaments hanging above the doors.
Precious toys placed in front of the doors too.

And there’s been visitors calling.
IMG_0987 IMG_1001                                 IMG_1004
Frogs, ducks, nut crackers and robots.

I've seen coins, real and not left as gifts.
IMG_0989 IMG_0993 IMG_0997
Plus lawn furniture
jan 3 001 (2) jan 3 005 (2)
and a mailbox and flower pots
IMG_1002 jan 3 006
shows that they are settling in for good.

Time to consider creating a different trail for other creatures of the woods, like gnomes, trolls, nymphs and more.  But should it be in the forest or a different one?