Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

Our newest book is Mouse Paint.  It's a great book to introduce and reinforce colours.
I made some paint for the little ones to use.
One of the twins is still putting things in her mouth so I decided to use an instant pudding mix as the base and added food colouring.
Here's our red, blue and yellow paint.
(Although the blue is a bit more green than I preferred).
I took their sensory table, turned it upside down and wrapped it in plastic.
The plastic was recycled from a big item that I had purchased.
The girls were excited.
The twins hadn't used paint brushes before and they didn't put theirs down the whole time we were painting. 
They shared the paint pots adding a new element of colour mixing.
(like the mice in the book)
Since it was new they didn't limit themselves to painting on the plastic.
 I brought out some paper to give them another alternative than their bodies.
The older one has a much different hand grip on the brush.
She has been painting before and can manipulate the brush for big and small strokes.
Here's the reason that the paint is made out of pudding.
But using pudding makes the paint sticky.
And they were all pretty sticky by the time they were done.
So like the mice, in Mouse Paint, they needed a bath.
Which they were surprised to have outside but loved it.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Plastic Cups

I brought some plastic drinking cups for the girls to explore.
First they pulled them all apart.
They looked like they were wondering what do you do with all these cups.
Then they started to pretend to drink from them.
Next they tried to put them on different body parts
and discovered that they fit well on their hands.
So we sang a little song and used them as musical instruments.
They discovered that the cups are fun to kick, they don't hurt their toes and they make noise.
They also discovered that this size can be hard to pick up.
Once they mastered that they begun to try to stack them.
It was easier to stack them when they are upside down.
And they were worked so well together building a tower.
And sometimes carrying more than one cup at a time.
I left the cups on the speaker for them to go back to.
Which they did and kept stacking and unstacking.
Another simple item you wouldn't think of a toy but offers much fun and exploration.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

I made soap foam.
You start with a bar of soap, I used Ivory, and shred it in a jar.
Fill the jar with hot water and let the soap melt.
Seal the jar till you are ready to use it.
I added a few tablespoons to a big bowl with some water.
Using an electric hand mixer quickly foams it up nice and thick.
I added some blue food colouring.
 Into the tub went a cow, a pig and a duck.
Time to be Mrs Wishy Washy again.
They were soon up to their elbows in suds.
Scooping and traveling with it
 over to the water table.
Where they washed it off in the water.
Learning a new word "bubbles".
A delight to say and hear.
They went back to clean up the foam as it was drying on the cement.

Monday, June 3, 2019

More Trains with Opa

Opa brought some of his trains for the little ones to play with at their house.
 They were eager to help although I don't think Opa found them very helpful.
They loved watching the train.
 And playing with it.  Trying to put it back on the tracks when it derails.
Or just playing with the individual cars.
 Being a tunnel.
 Taking the cars off and on the track.
 When it became a little too hands on we set their chairs up in the middle as a viewing platform.
We started singing a song that we learned at Carolina's StrongStart.
"The Goodbye Train"
In the afternoon our bubble blowing fish was loaded onto one of the cars which added more excitement.
 Following the bubble train.
We all love trains!