Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Math Table

Have you visited Teach Preschool by Deborah J. Stewart?
I've mentioned her blog before and it's because
she does fantastic activities
that we can learn so much from.
One activity that she shared was her math table.
I loved the simple idea and decided to try it at our centre.
The table is covered with paper then divided into sections.
Each section has a number written in it and on the shelf
beside it has a variety of materials they can use
to count.
For the first few days each section had only a number
but I found not many children were playing at it.
So I added marks to correspond with each number
it became easier for younger children to play.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Counting Carrots

The children were encouraged to count the carrots in the rabbits' garden.
The carrots pop out of their hole and can be moved around.
Especially if the rabbits are hungry.
This child used the carrot and pretended to draw
and print numbers.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Buddies' Riddles

Last week the big buddies created an activity for their little buddies.
Each of them were given an egg, a little animal and a card.
Their task was to think of four clues to describe their animal.
They wrote them out and numbered their card to match the number on the egg.
Ms. Smith, their teacher, checked to see if the big buddies could guess the clues.
When done we were ready to get together.
We met in the gym and after singing a song to warm up the buddy pairs
settled in all around the gym.
Each pair had an egg and the matching clues.
The big buddies read the clues while the little buddy tried to guess what was in the egg.
The big buddies read the clues and helped the little buddy guess.
They didn't rush, they encouraged and they had fun.
Then after guessing and opening the egg they put it altogether and moved to a new egg.
The little buddies showed great patience waiting to open the egg.
They listened, they focused and they guessed.
They were rewarded by playing with the toy with their big buddy.
I was impressed, as I'm always am, with how the big buddies 
help the little buddies feel comfortable.
This is a drop in program and most visits the big buddies have a new
little buddy which makes it very difficult 
to build relationships.
But they have learned wonderful skills that allow them to relate
with each new buddy they meet.
The parents and grandparents have been very impressed.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


I have a lot of plastic Easter eggs so when
I saw this fun idea at Teach Beside Me I knew we had to try it.
 My husband pre-drilled the holes in the eggs
 so the children just had to insert the straw
add a pom pom
and blow.
 So many giggles.
I loved watching these two grandmothers helping their little ones
make and then blow.
It became a game of I'll blow and you catch.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Chicken Coop Research

Our latest project - converting our cardboard fire truck into a house for chickens.

For the past week the children have been asked what we would need to do to this box
to make it into a chicken coop.
This morning we visited a local farm to have a first hand look
at a chicken house.
This is what we learned.
The first thing we noticed, other than chickens, was the feeder.
We saw wooden sticks hanging from the wall
for the chickens to perch on.
We saw a group of nesting boxes.
Each of them had a chicken in them.
Shannon, the farmer, showed us how to check under the chickens for eggs.
We found one.
Shannon keeps a basket handy in the coop to collect the eggs.
We saw a small entry with a drop door in the back of the coop
for the chickens to go into a fenced yard.
Then we got to feed the chickens.
We went back in the barn, out of the rain, to record what we saw.
The first thing we drew was the shape of the building,
the children are showing me the shape of the roof
by forming a peak with their hands.
As the children recalled what they saw I made a list.
This is now our plans for what we will need to do back at school.
To finish our tour we were going to make nests but it was quite rainy
so I had made paper bag nests for each child.
In the nest was a plastic egg with a chick inside.
We practiced our poem "Five Eggs".
This afternoon, at school, I set up our documentation
to help us remember what we want to do.
Made a peaked roof on the box and set up for painting.