Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween with our Grand Friends

This morning we shared some Halloween fun with our grand friends.
The children played with popping toys that were new and exciting 
and had the grand friends smiling.
We carved pumpkins.
Digging in to scoop out all those seeds.
Oh it was wet, cold and slimy.
I noticed that none of the grand friends wanted to get their hands in there.
We drew ideas for our Jack O'lantern faces.
Then carved them while the grand friends watched.
"This one is mine."

 Julia led us in music and songs.
We sang Head and Shoulders.
Betty showed us how to do it.
And we learned "My hat has 4 corners"
I surprised everyone by wearing my Minion Banana costume.
Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Water Beads and Googly Eyes

We played with water bead and googly eye soup last week.
 Small glass jars and child-size utensils offered opportunity 
to scoop and pour.
It was a challenge to catch the water beads as they
floated in the water.
The googly eyes were fun to catch.
They stuck to the side of the table and to each other.
This child was inspired to try them on
With mom's help she succeeded.
I took a picture for her to see herself.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Changes to Mousekin's Golden House

It's been one week since we carved Mousekin's Golden House.
 Each day the children would check on Mousekin and notice how the pumpkin has changed.
 I borrowed another book, from the library, called Rotten Pumpkin
that shows the deterioration of decomposing pumpkin.
By the end of the week I had to pull Mousekin out before 
he got squashed.
We'll put it out in the garden next and continue to watch it.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Horse Stable

This month we have learned so much about horses and where they live.
This week we worked on creating our own horse stable.
It has two stalls.
The first with double doors that contains, at the moment, a bale of hay.
The other side has a swing door and some grooming equipment.
Just like at Sprout Meadows grooming the horse has been popular.
As well as feeding the horse.
Once the frame was built we talked about what colour it should be.
We have seen two barns now and the children have their idea from books
of what colour it should be but we used a picture from our
visit to the Therapeutic Riding Stable for inspiration.
We went with white with green doors just like the Therapeutic stables.
As the children play, the hay from the other stall has slowly migrated to the horses 
stall which meant we had to do some 'mucking out'.
Many times I would find several children tucked in the stall with the horse.
Telling stories and getting to know each other.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Painting Leaves

We have been playing with leaves.
Shaking them from the tree and raking them up
into baskets.
An invitation to paint leaves the same colours as the ones we are seeing outside.
Watercolour paints and leaf shaped paper invited them to paint.
Mixing the paint and water was a side bonus for the toddlers.
I noticed calmness and focus.
The children really enjoyed this activity and we had so many leaves
that we used them as a border on our bulletin board.