Friday, May 26, 2017

Big Pirate Play

The beginnings of our pirate boat.
 Not too big but fun to play in.
We found this great image that helped us design our ship.
Then I found some cardboard and brought in a few pieces 
to build the ship's helm.
 This part use to be a propeller on our plane.
It came off and the wheel was put in its place.
We set up cardboard to look like the front of the ship,
the back part is open so they walk in.
Out of the side a plank was added.
One child suggested an anchor so we made one using a pool noodle.
Inside the ship is a crank to wind it in.
All ready for play.
This pirate really got into the treasure and wanted to bury it.
I suggested she could use our scarves.
She buried it but I asked how anyone would know what is buried?
So she marked it with an 'x'.
A few more props were added.
Searching for treasure?
But its buried at the bottom of the sea.
And these pirates discovered a map and negotiated where they were going.
Soon we head to the beach to search for treasure.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Our caterpillars are forming in to their chrysalis
and we are watching.
Do you see them hanging from the top?
It's not the place where the children usually see them
and takes a moment or two for them to finally spot them.
But look there are still a couple down there.
I can pretend this caterpillar is going into a chrysalis.
Our bead caterpillars that we made last week and hung on the bulletin board
have all formed chrysalis too.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ahoy, Pirates!

A couple of weeks ago I brought out some pirate toys to see if the children
were interested.
And yes they were.
Stories started to appear in their play.
Many of them was around treasure.
"X" marks the spot.
Treasure of beads and buttons.
Time to expand this play.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our Egg Centre

Our eggs have arrived and our chicken coop has been removed
because a disadvantage of using cardboard is that it does wear out.
Clea, the farmer, brought us four different kinds of eggs.
The colours are wonderful and varied.
As I put each kind in the incubator the children counted them.
The largest egg is the Copper Maran (dark brown)
and the smallest is the Leghorn.
It will be interesting to see the difference in size of chicks.
We talked about the incubator that keeps the eggs warm and moist.
 Then we used a calendar to predict when they should start hatching;
in about three weeks.
While we wait we will watch and play.