Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cooking with Bananas

Over the past few weeks we've made several recipes using bananas.
The first was Banana Bread Pudding.
I omitted the chocolate chips but after tasting, it may have been 
better with that sweetener. 
Another week we made banana ice cream using my Yonana machine.
You can do this with a food processor too.
This week we made Banana Granola.
All three were simple, delicious recipes.

Monday, May 2, 2016

A New Pond Gives Us Tadpoles

We had an amazing morning.
It started with a school bus ride that our Parent Advisory Council sponsored.
We had a full bus and drove for almost half an hour to arrive at a new pond.
I met a woman at an art class.  
Her name is Sunday and I told her about StrongStart.
As we talked she told me she lived out of town on acreage.
I mentioned that I was looking for a pond to find frog eggs.
Sunday invited us to explore her pond.
What a generous offer.
Their pond is so accessible for children.
I brought nets and the children, with the help of Sunday's grandson, searched for tadpoles.
Yay, they got some.

That's not all we found.
We found a garter snake.
After taking turns trying to handle it we let it go.

And someone found this crayfish shell.

We found goats, or they found us when Sunday and her grandson brought them out.
We got to feed them too.

We found slides hidden away.

And as we were leaving we found a turtle.

We finished the morning back on the bus singing "The Wheels on the Bus".
It was an AMAZING morning.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Art, Science and a bit of Physical Activity

The bushes and trees are in full bloom here
and when the wind blows they cover the ground.
It's very beautiful.
Each year I see this and I wonder what we could do with those petals.
This year I thought we could use them at the art table
with a question.
Will the flowers leave colour on the paper if we
or roll them?
Some of them did but most of them didn't.
We even tried squishing and smooshing.
This is one of the few art activities that drew more boys then girls to the table.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pond Play Indoors

Not everyone could go to the Little River Pond on Mondays
so I set up a pond play in our water table.
We introduced lots of animals and talked about where they would live,
 in the water or on the land.
We started with some fake plants and rocks,
then added sticks.
After the first week visiting the real pond we started to help the beavers build a lodge.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reconnecting With Our Grand Friends

It seems like it's been a long flu season this winter.
Today was our first day back at our Grand Friends home
since November.
It was a pleasure to watch these two work companionably 
side by side.
We made banana ice cream and this little guy loved it and wanted more.
So this granny was quite happy to feed him hers.
It's true that it is easier to connect over food.
It's good to be back.