Friday, September 14, 2018

Individual Smoosh Painting

We did an art activity with the Little One and her cousins last month.
Start with a canvas board and give your little one pieces of tape to stick down.
I think this was her favourite part of the activity.
Next squeeze paint all over.  I chose the three primary colours.
Then cover it with Saran Wrap and tape it on the back.
Finally put it on a flat surface and let them smoosh.
When they are done take the Saran Wrap off, let the paint dry a bit and then peel the tape away.
The Results!
 At the same time that the Little One was painting her even younger cousins were starting.
It was a beautiful summer day so we did this outside.
They are just crawling and I noticed that they used their whole bodies more than their older cousin.
Occasionally they would stop to try a pinch and a poke.
Then head off crawling again.
Their mom did the tape work for them.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Another Recycling Gift

Do you recognize this?
If you've been to a hospital lab and had blood tests you might recognize that it is the foam that the vials stand in.
Last time I was there, the last vial came out and she threw it in the garbage so I asked for it.
I thought it would be perfect to hold the Little One's crayons.
We showed her how to stand the crayons up in each hole.
Look how she moves and reaches and controls where she puts the crayons. 
 Lots of drawing has been happening.
The holes work well to help move it too.
Try it!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Singing and Signing, What Fun!

Here's a video of my grand daughter and I signing the song
On Top of Spaghetti.
She is 19 months old and communicates through voice and signs.
You may notice that some of her signs do not match mine and that is because her fine motor skills are still developing.
One example is the sign for 'spaghetti'.  It is made using both baby fingers but she uses her thumbs.
As your baby begins to use sign you will recognize how they sign each word.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Memory Matching Game

A new card game.
I took pictures of items around the house.  
Items that the Little One are familiar with.
I took pictures of eight things and made double copies.
The game is just like Memory or Concentration.  You turn over one card then pick a second if they are the same you keep them.  If they don't match you turn them back over.
 Signs that we worked on were same, different, your turn and my turn.
 The first time we played we used four matching pictures, so eight cards.
Then second time we played we used all eight pictures for a total of 16 cards.
 Opa joined in the game.
She was pretty excited to find two the same.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Cloud Dough

I was excited when I was given a batch of cloud dough.
It's made from coconut oil and flour.
This batch also had raspberry extract added.
The little one got right into it.
Trying to transfer it from one container to another.
Then she discovered how it felt and that she could clump it together.
Which made it easier, somewhat, to transfer.
It depended on how hard she squeezed it while transferring.
Oh and then the pouring and dumping started.
Did you noticed that I tied up her dress?
The cloud dough tends to stick to everything.
If it gets on the floor we have a solution,
get out the little broom and dust pan and let her try cleaning it up.
I decided that using cloud dough, in the kitchen, while mom was getting dinner ready wasn't the best time.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Good Night Gorilla in the Grass

We love this book, "Goodnight Gorilla" by Peggy Rathmann and have been reading it almost everyday for the past month or so.
I dug out the literacy bag I had put together years ago for StrongStart and strung a clothesline between two chairs in the back yard.
Each animal was behind their 'cages'.  The cages were hung, on the line, with clothespins (which she loved helped taking off when we were all done).
I gave her a set of coloured paper keys that matched the cages.
She knew all about the keys from the book as well I had found some extras at a thrift store for her to play with.
As she opened each cage she played with that animal.  Inspecting them. Getting to know them.
She wasn't in a rush to get each of them out.
The animals were lined up, like in the story, as she removed them from the cage.
Once the story was done she continued to play with the animals.
And her poor baby doll got locked up too.