Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Learning Colours Through Playing

I believe that children learn best through discovery and practice;
being able to repeat a task over and over.
I also believe that how we create an environment lends itself to discovery so I like to make homemade games and toys to encourage her interests.
Here is a new one that has a focus on putting things in and taking things out of containers.
This toy is made from a shoe box.
I painted peg dolls red, blue, yellow, orange, green and purple.
I traced around the flat bottom of the peg doll, on the cardboard box, and then cut out the hole.
Once she took all the peg dolls out of the box we flipped it over so she could see the holes.
She really enjoyed fitting the dolls into the holes.
Yes I coloured around the holes thinking as she grows and matures then we could play a colour matching game. She is not ready for that.
She uses her fine motor muscles in her hands to pickup the doll, set it into the hole and then push it through.  Sometimes it was a challenge.  Sometimes she tried to put too many dolls in the same hole and had to problem solve what to do.
An unexpected skill she practiced was putting the box back together.
Either putting the lid on top of the box or putting the box on top of the lid as shown above.
Another thing she practiced was trying to stand all the peg dolls up together.
Here she is signing "fall down" although she signs it with only one finger rather than two.
One toy can provide a lot of fun and learning.

Friday, June 15, 2018

June Treasure Basket - Dress Up

This month's treasure basket I decided to bring some dress up clothes and accessories.
She had fun pulling each item out of the bag and trying some on.
Like butterfly wings,
a puppy dog cape,
 a tutu,
glasses (because she has been quite interested in mine),
 construction worker equipment
(like dad might use at his work)
and a little red riding hood cape (because we have been reading that story).
There is more in the basket but she didn't show interest in playing with it.
She was most interested in the doctor's bag and taking out all the equipment inside.

In the two weeks since bringing this basket she hasn't shown much interested, other than the medical bag, but it is now available for her to discover as her interest grows.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rainy Snail Hunt

It's a rainy morning but it didn't stop us from getting out for our morning walk.
We didn't walk as far but we did discover something that has been missing during this dry spell.
Can you see what the little one has spotted?
We were excited to see them back in the garden.
Although I'm sure the owner of the garden isn't.
The more we looked....
the easier they were to find.
Happy rainy day!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Itsy Bitsy Spider Fun

There are so many different bugs.
Can you guess which one we are playing with here?
Right, it's the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
I taped a large cardboard cylinder to the wall and made a cloud with rain drops from a paper plate and a sun from yellow paper.
The spider is tied to a string, on one end, and a pencil on the other.
She loves putting it back in the water spout.

 Dad came in to watch and noticed that the tape was already starting to rip away from the wall.
He had an idea to attach the tube to this wooden stand.
It works perfect!
We will be able to use this "tube tree" for other activities in the future.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Jello Sensory Experience

Buried treasure in jello makes for a fun activity to keep the little one busy while dinner was being made.
 She has played with Jello once before but not this much and not with things buried in it.
She is intrigued by how it feels; wet and slippery!
She tries to taste it.
It's hard to grab.
She signs jello with one hand and the colour red with the other
than she digs in to it.
 She had a little success picking up just bits of the jello with her fingers I so gave her a spoon to make it easier.
She manages to get a bit more into her mouth.
The spider and other toys, are on the bottom.  Can she dig them out?
Yes, and the spider is coated with jello.
 She went on to dig out the rest.
When dinner was ready we put it all back in the container and put it back in the fridge for the next day.