Thursday, January 19, 2017

More Eruptions at the Art Table

Looking at this picture
can you guess the materials we used at the art table today?
Did you guess glue, baking soda and coloured vinegar!
The children loved it.
It was a challenge to squeeze the glue and wiggle it all around the paper.
Shaking on the baking soda was easy.
So easy that they added more and more.
Figuring out the spray bottles was hard too,
but they figured out different ways to make it happen.
The important thing was that the spray hole point towards the paper
not the face or clothes.
Watching the baking soda react to the vinegar slowed
the process.
The glue helps hold it all in place.

More Ball Play

The balls and tubes were so popular that I added more balls
in a bigger pool with a box that has holes.
The pool is set in the middle of the classroom that allows
 room and space for a lot of access.
The older children took time to try to find the right size hole
for each ball.
The younger children climbed right in.
Some started to throw them out so I gave them targets.
The pails were great targets for throwing the balls into
but they were even better for collecting the balls.
I'm not sure if it was a child or a parent that went and got the tube 
 but it added another dimension.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Volcano Erupting Fun

We've been back at school for almost two weeks and the chilren
have been excited about the volcano they built before the holidays
The first week back we started with working together to make
our volcano erupt.
The children really enjoyed that and wanted to do it over and over.
The problem was that the volcano is too big for the smaller children
and to far for them to reach to the middle of the table.
We used stools for them to stand on but it limited their freedom
of movement.
So the following days I decided to set out small jars around the edge of the table 
with boxes of baking soda and coloured vinegar.
I didn't want to be present all the time supervising so 
to limit how much of each ingredient they would use I put out
smaller spoons and eye droppers.
It looked like a science lab for several days.

This week at the art table we used red and yellow paint
on egg carton sections to represent volcanoes erupting.
This was a great colour mixing and fine motor activity.
Plus the children enjoyed watching the paint pool in the cups.
What I appreciated was that they didn't do this activity to have a finished product.
When they were done they left everything there.
The next child that came continued where the other left off.
At the end of the day there was so much red paint it looked like 
a murder scene.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Hockey Time

A favourite pastime for many is hockey, either playing or watching.
As this child was playing I noticed he added blocks to the 'ice' surface
When I asked about it he and his dad told me it was a penalty box.
His dad explained that he had been watching a game on tv
and he was getting frustrated (or excited) that there were so many penalties.
Since that game his son has been preoccupied with penalities.
So they built one for our game.
We found a timer to set because all the players were in there at one time.
And the game continued.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man
Bake me a pancake as fast as you can.
Roll it and pat it and mark it with a 'B'
And put it in a pan for baby and me.
The children made their own little pancakes this week.
Following the recipe,
While they were cooking they said the nursery rhyme to help past the time.