Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

Our newest book is Mouse Paint.  It's a great book to introduce and reinforce colours.
I made some paint for the little ones to use.
One of the twins is still putting things in her mouth so I decided to use an instant pudding mix as the base and added food colouring.
Here's our red, blue and yellow paint.
(Although the blue is a bit more green than I preferred).
I took their sensory table, turned it upside down and wrapped it in plastic.
The plastic was recycled from a big item that I had purchased.
The girls were excited.
The twins hadn't used paint brushes before and they didn't put theirs down the whole time we were painting. 
They shared the paint pots adding a new element of colour mixing.
(like the mice in the book)
Since it was new they didn't limit themselves to painting on the plastic.
 I brought out some paper to give them another alternative than their bodies.
The older one has a much different hand grip on the brush.
She has been painting before and can manipulate the brush for big and small strokes.
Here's the reason that the paint is made out of pudding.
But using pudding makes the paint sticky.
And they were all pretty sticky by the time they were done.
So like the mice, in Mouse Paint, they needed a bath.
Which they were surprised to have outside but loved it.

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