Friday, March 15, 2013

Leprechaun Shenanigans

               march 12 093
The Story of the Leprechaun is a new book for me.  It grab
my attention right away with it's images.   It is based in a
forest with fairies.  It explains that Leprechauns earn their
gold by making shoes for all the wee folk that live in the forest.    march 12 096
It is beautifully illustrated and reminds me of our Fairy Lane.

But let me tell you our Leprechaun story.
              march 9 008
Our story started last weekend as I was walking through
the woods close to my home.  I thought I heard a tapping
sound coming from a big beautiful old tree.
             march 9 005
As I walked around the tree I saw a movement and there
at the base, where the roots form a hollow, I saw a wee little
man running inside.  I was too slow and didn’t catch him
nor did I find any gold.  But I think he followed me home
and on to school.

        march 11 039
On Monday when we got to school, there on our rainbow table,
were little tracks that look like footprints.
Could it be a Leprechaun?
We searched and searched but couldn’t find him.

But the question arose, could a Leprechaun be a girl?
Hmm interesting question.  Do you have an answer?

     march 12 001
On Tuesday when we arrived at school, there on the floor, all of our
baskets of animals had been dumped.  Who would have made
such a mess?  After we printed the picture we looked closer and there
in the middle of all those animals was a wee little man.
            He had tricked us.

march 11 046  march 12 034
That’s the day we started to build a trap.  Maybe we could catch the
Leprechaun before he played another trick.

        If we caught him what would we wish for?
L wants to be a superhero, N wants to be a dinosaur.

             march 12 037
Well while we were busy that tricky little man sprinkled gold dust
in our hand washing bowl and we didn’t even see him.

    march 13 001
On Wednesday all of our Leprechaun and rainbow books were spread all
over the carpet.  One little book was standing, the title “Look for a Leprechaun”,
we did look but didn’t find him.
Can you see him waving at us from inside the book – tricky little guy.

march 12 097 march 12 098
We read another book about a Leprechaun on the Loose in a school
and got more ideas for our trap.
IMG_4980  IMG_4983

On Thursday we found our basket of duck stuffies covered with
green shamrocks.
             march 14 002
    The children dug into the shamrocks but no Leprechaun.
march 14 006 march 14 007
           We did find his hat.  A sparkly little green hat.
march 14 008  march 14 009
               It was too small for all of us.

        march 15 052
This morning when we were making our Irish Soda Bread we opened
the buttermilk container to find that it was green.  But not only was the
milk green but when I sliced a loaf of white bread, that I had made for
snack, look what we found inside.
      march 15 090
                                    A rainbow!

Our trap is set for the weekend. 
   march 13 049
Will we catch the wee little man on St. Patrick’s Day?
We’ll check on Monday when we’re back at school.

       “May you always have walls for the winds,
          a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
      laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
             and all your heart might desire.”

You can find the recipe for the rainbow bread here