Sunday, January 12, 2014

Play Trays This Week

        jan 6 007
Peg and rings that I made myself.  The rings were another thrift store find that I painted red, yellow and blue but left the base of each peg stand plain.  I had the dowel at home and glued them into the rings.
           jan 10 013
          This tray was a favourite tray with toddlers.
     jan 10 014 jan 10 015
I watched this child match the rings to the same colour.  His first attempt was on the yellow but then he changed his mind and put it on the blue.

        jan 6 008
    Setting the table by matching the dishes to their drawing.
              jan 9 002
It wasn’t very popular.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe if all four spots at the table had a placemat to set.  We may try that sometime.

         jan 6 009
Make a snowman by filling a glass jar with white cotton balls.  I saw this idea on Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails blog.  The snowman’s face is drawn on the jar which could be seen clearly when the jar was full.
       jan 7 031
We used tongs to grab the cotton balls and transfer them to the empty jar.
 jan 7 001 jan 7 002 
      But emptying the jar was the most fun.

jan 6 010
     Number matching from Childcareland
Clip a clothespin onto the number that matches the one on the shirt.
   jan 8 020
This was the least used tray this week.  Even the parents didn’t know what could be done.  More parents may have encouraged their child if I had a card with instructions with it.