Sunday, January 31, 2016

Groundhog and It's Shadow

Groundhog Day is this week and we've been playing with shadows.
By creating a groundhog hole from a box, 
the children could crawl in and pop up.
The question was, could they see their shadow/
This activity is fun from both sides of the screen.
 We can watch what the children are doing.
And they can practice making their own shadows.
Or the screen makes a great peek-a-boo game.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Day 5 Final Day of Literacy Week

Today our school showed their spirit by dressing as storybook characters.
I, the Mad Hatter, was joined by Pete the Cat.
Walking down the hall we met Max and one of the Wild Things.
Our Parent Advisory Council organized a book swap.
They asked families to clear out their unwanted books and donate them.
Then this morning classes were welcome to come and shop.
You paid by donation.
If you didn't have money but really wanted a book you
still got one.
The swap was great for getting books into the hands of the children.
And any money donated is being given to a great organization that helps
families with sick children called Y.A.N.A.
You Are Not Alone

Hope your week was as full as ours.
Happy reading.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 4 Music Performance

This morning we took part in a literacy event at our local library.
It was hosted by CV Lifelong Learning.
Nancy, one of the librarians, started off with a few songs.
Then the main attraction was Stella.  
She's nine years old and already has a music album.
I'm Not a Bunny is one of her songs.  
Written and performed by her, her little sister and her mom.
The space was packed.
Each child that attended received a book.
I loved that it was the Mitten so the children that attended our Mitten StoryWalk last week
could have their own copy.

In the afternoon, back at school, the kindergarten class visited my room and 
I told them a couple of stories.
I told one story using the overhead projector.
As soon as I turned it on the children were fascinated.
After the story they had a chance to make their own shadows.
I'll leave it out for the StrongStart children to experience tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day 3 Reading with our Big Buddies

Our grade 5 big buddies led us through StoryWalks today.  
They were set up throughout the hallways for the whole school to enjoy during
Literacy Week.
 One upstairs and one downstairs.
Having two stories helped us to spread the children out so waiting to read 
wasn't as long.
StrongStart is a drop in program so most buddy days we will have new little buddies.
It's wonderful to watch how welcoming the big buddies can be.
Do they remember being that young and attending StrongStart?
It warms a parent's, and an educator's, heart to see the trust that grows.
After the StoryWalk we had extra time so went to the library to read.
Reading together has become a familiar activity for young and older and they easily
and comfortably slip into the activity.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 2 Grade 3's Dioramas

Day 2 of Literacy week and we had the pleasure of listening to the grade 3 students read Robert Munsch stories.

Their project was to pick a Robert Munsch book, create a diorama about it
then share it with their class.
Their teacher was looking for another opportunity for the children
to read the stories to others, to increase their skills.
It was a great match for us.
Over twenty children read stories situated throughout the gym and our classroom.
It was peaceful.
Each grade 3 student was intent on reading their story,
and each StrongStart family practiced being a good audience.
After reading the story they checked out the dioramas.
It was a wonderful opportunity for our families to learn
what their children will be doing as they
pass through the grades.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 1 Literacy Week - Reading a Recipe

This Wednesday, January 27th is national Family Literacy Day.  
Our school has decided to provide literacy events all week.
This morning, at StrongStart, I decided we would  bake 
Cranberry Banana Muffins.
This is our recipe ready for the children to read.
We had a small enthusiastic group ready to bake this morning.
They started by adding the applesauce and sugar together.
Then we prepared our bananas.
On the website, Mess for Less, where the recipe for Cranberry Banana Bread is found had their children
mash the banana, in a baggie, with their hands.
It's a perfect way.  
The children loved it and the parents were impressed with the idea.
I'm sure a few of them will try it the next time they are baking with bananas.
Next we added the eggs.
Two children had the opportunity to crack open the eggs.
The others were fascinated with the process.
Then they took turns to beat the eggs with our special whisking tool.
We mixed it all together and checked the next ingredient card.
Time to add the flour and baking soda,
dried cranberries and white chocolate chips,
(there was a ripple of excitement when they saw the chocolate)
and do a final mix together.
The easiest way to fill the mini muffin pans is to use a small ice cream scoop.
It's fun and it works their muscles and coordination.
Into the oven for about 15 minutes.
The school smelled wonderful and inviting.
The recipe made 48 mini muffins plus one regular sized muffin.
The taste test from one of the bakers.
They all disappeared so I would say the recipe is a keeper.
I left the recipes cards on the snack table,
for those children that arrived after we baked.