Friday, April 8, 2011

Bunnies Galore

What a fun week full of bunny crafts and games.

Yesterday we made bunny ears to wear.

Added cottontails for fun.

We wore them all morning.

Hop like a bunny, hop, hop,hop.

Bunny ears can be made with rhythm sticks too.

Today we painted bunny pictures using sponges and cookie cutters.

The bunnies are hopping over the grass.

The bunnies are hiding in the grass.
A few games that I've found at dollar stores were a lot of fun, especially the hopping bunnies and eggs.
It was great for problem solving, figuring out how to get the spring to stay down.
Then waiting and waiting for them to pop.
But the giggles and squeals of delight were the best part.
Baskets were available to catch the bunnies once they popped.
Stacking bunnies games.  Roll the die and try to pull out the matching coloured bunny without knocking over the tower.                                                    Bunny finger puppets with little chick friends were fun to sort and put on our fingers.