Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Five Green Frogs

As we were studying frogs and watching our tadpoles grow we
played with the old rhyme “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”.
      may 6 054
At the flannel board the children could retell the rhyme and
move the frogs on and off the log.
 may 9 018 may 9 017 
We played with the rhyme on the carpet using stuffies and a piece of driftwood.
           may 6 010
         We played with the rhyme at the water table.
may 6 011  may 6 059  
On one side held 5 little frogs on a log and the other side held rubbery frogs
with 'plastercine-made' tadpoles and water beads.
       may 9 009
   The frogs hopped on and off the logs and rocks,
        that were added on the second day.
may 6 043 may 6 044
We pretended the water beads were the frog eggs.  The clear beads are hard
to see in the water so the children were surprised when they reach into the
water and felt the beads.