Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Introducing Dinosaurs

About a week and a half ago a local gentleman, who collects fossils
from around our area, hosted a fossil scavenger hunt.  I joined in the
                  fun with some of our families.
Skippy the Fossil Freak hid about 1000 fossils of various sizes around
a park in town.  It was so enjoyable to watch families hunting in the bushes
and under rocks looking for treasure.  I managed to find a few myself.

Back at school I decided to expand on dinosaurs and see where it takes us.
                      I started with a small world invitation.
The toddlers really like it.  It is the right size, height and not too busy. 
They move the dinosaurs around, sometimes hiding them under the volcano.  
Although they don't say much while they play I can imagine the stories that
                   are happening in their imaginations.
Scooping up the coffee dough and letting it filter through their fingers was
also a favourite activity.  (I placed a little broom and dust pan under the table
for clean up.)
At the same time I added dinosaurs, rocks and sticks to the sandbox. 
It seemed that the older children were more interested in this area. 
By the end of each morning I had to dig in the sand to find the toys. 

Hmm maybe we have to explore 'the hunt'.... searching and finding