Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Return of the Gingerbread Cookies

Oh what a day!
Our Gingerbread Cookies were scheduled to arrive on the 10:30 flight
at the airport and we were there ready to meet them.
But the flight was delayed by over a half an hour
so we decided to head back to school.
Mr Wallace, who works for Westjet offered to meet the Cookies
and keep them company until we could return at noon.
They arrived safe and sound
looking a little tanned and dressed like maybe
they came from Hawaii.
Mr Wallace opened the suitcase for us so we could see what they had packed.
In the back of their case were their passports.
We were able to read all the places they had visited while they were away.
Best of all they brought us a treat, gingersnaps.
We had just a small group at noon.
I apologize to all the families that came earlier and missed out.
But the cookies are safely back at school waiting to see everyone tomorrow.