Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teddy Bear Picnic

Today was our 3rd annual Teddy Bear Picnic and the weather was fantastic.
We hold the picnic at the local therapeutic Gardens and this year all 4 StrongStart centres in our school district and more than 50 families were able to participate.
Joy, one of the founders of the gardens met us at the front gates and introduced us to a couple of her favourite bears.

Then the families entered the garden to play, sit and enjoy.

A tea party to enjoy with your friends.
A chance to dance with scarves.
Make bear headbands.
Find the paper ladybugs and read the instructions of what to do.
One ladybug read  "smell a flower" but there were alot of bees out today so you had to be careful.
Parachute play was so much fun to watch.

I loved hearing the cheers when the stuffies were airborne and the giggles when the children were underneath.
For some it was watching what one of the gardens was doing and then getting down with him to investigate the worms and bees in the flower beds.

We then settled in for a story time and snacks.

The Gardens provide a very relaxing atmosphere for families to come, explore and enjoy their time together.