Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Touch Scavenger Hunt – Part 2

After we finished the Scavenger Hunt we sorted items by how they felt. 
          april 16 063
We reviewed all the different words they used to describe the items they found and then I handed them new items to touch.  Their clipboards were laid out with one descriptive word on each.
april 16 060 april 16 062
april 16 064 april 16 065
As they examined their item I asked them to think of a word to describe it.  The little girl in the last picture is telling me that the bark is ‘crunchy’.  English is her second language and she comes out with this delicious word – I was in awe.
           april 16 066
We made up a word card that said ‘crunchy’ and she added her bark.
           april 16 067 (2)
The rest of the children got up and placed their nature object with the word that they chose to describe it.
april 16 068  april 16 073
Then together, with their grown up, they looked and talked about all the rest.
april 16 085 IMG_1235
As they talked about the items they noticed that some could be described in more than one way.  They solved this by overlapping the boards.
         april 16 082
When done we collected it all, took it back to school and set it up for children who didn’t come to the park.
april 16 100  ril 17 074
What could we do as a next step?