Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Collages

At the art table this morning we made collages.  That was a new word for the children and a great way to talk about different symbols of the season.
          dec 17 001
Each container had garland, tinsel, pom poms, bows, felt pieces, ribbons, musical notes, and cut-outs from old Christmas cards.  The instructions were to add pieces that remind each person of Christmas.
dec 17 018 dec 17 019
      For some it was Santa Claus, candy canes and stockings.
    dec 17 014  dec 17 013
                 For others it was the birth of Jesus.
dec 17 027 dec 17 028
       dec 17 029
         And others spent the time practicing a new skill.
             dec 17 025
             dec 17 026
What I enjoyed about this activity was that it provided another opportunity to talk with families about their traditions at this time of year.