Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fairy Doors Found in a new Forest

The weather is beautiful here and I’ve been out walking searching for fairy doors.  When I presented about Making Fairy Lane this past January, several of the participants mentioned that there are now fairy doors in another woods here in the Valley.

I’ve looked once before, where I thought they might be, but only found two.  Well today I walked farther and found them. 
It is such a delight to walk around a tree and see a spot of colour.  Each is unique and lovely to look at.  I wonder who put them there and what inspired them to do so?

I’m still working with our City’s Park Department in re-establishing Fairy Lane.  We are getting closer.  The city is creating two signs to go at either end of the Lane that will list guidelines for adding doors and a bit of explanation of why Fairy Lane exists.

If you want to know where these doors can be found just send me an email.