Friday, September 23, 2016

International Fairy Tea Party

September 23 is International Fairy Tea Party Day 
and this was our first year we participating.
We held it at a local park.
Doors were hidden around the park with gifts for the children left in front of each.
When the children arrived they picked a pipe cleaner and received a map.
I explained that the stars on the map showed where they could find the doors.
And off they went.

It was a very wet morning but many families came and enjoyed the park.
After they found the doors they collected a little bead from the jar 
and rang the bell to say thank you to the fairies.
They strung the bead onto their pipe cleaner
keeping count of how many doors they found.
After finding as many, or all the doors, they made a fairy wand.
Then it was Tea Time.
I'm very fortunate to have people that help run an event like this.
Thank you Andi.
Thank you Dese,
and thank you Delfina.
It takes a community and I live in a fabulous one.