Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SPLAT!! Goes the Paint

Oh what fun it was at the art table today.
The parents were apprehensive and the children were unsure of dropping anything to the floor. 
 And me, I was so excited when the paint went SPLAT!
 We started with the boxes on the table but children couldn't get their arms high enough to really get a good splat happening.  So down to the floor the boxes went.  But I wasn't quick enough to think of putting paper under the box and splat! on to the floor.  Oh well, easy to wipe up, get the paper under the box and get going.

The results...

For some they noticed that depending what sock they dropped the splat looked different.
Some socks were filled with popcorn kernels, some had rice and some had rocks.
Can you guess which is which?
Another factor we noticed was that a bigger splat happened when you had more paint on sock.