Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pete's Philosophy

We've been sending Pete out on adventures with families for just over a week.  He has come back with great pictures and stories to share with us.
One story demonstrated Pete's philosophy, "no matter what you step in just keep walking along singing your song".
Pete went home with a family on the weekend and I received this email from the mom...
"M told A that Pete's whiskers were bothering him, and she asked A to cut them off...So Pete the Cat is missing the whiskers on the right side of his face...It was really hard not to laugh, as M was certain she was doing him a great service by removing the bothersome whiskers...A feels terrible...
Can Pete carry on his duties as is, or should we shop for a new Pete? hehehe..he doesnt seem bothered by the change :)"
My response was "keep Pete going on his adventure - it's all good and oh did you get any pictures because it's sounds like a great story".