Monday, April 30, 2018

Construction Work in Oatmeal

Continuing to play with our construction toys but added a sensory component.  Oatmeal!
She was excited to see the tray set out on the kitchen floor and quickly sat down to explore.
I think she was a little taken a back by the feel of the oatmeal on her hands, at first.
 Part of the fun of playing with a sensory material, like oatmeal, is to see how they interact with it and their responses when it does something they don't expect, like sprinkling on the floor.
 A bridge was added as a new concept for her to experience.
Drive the big machine over, from one side to the other.
She spent some time playing with the dump truck.
Was she figuring out how it works, or how it can move the oatmeal?
Or how it moves and what it sounds like?
 And what about the other machines?
How can they move around in the oatmeal ?
My favourite part of this play time was watching her enjoy the feel of the oatmeal.
Clean up time is always fun and not always helpful.