Thursday, September 13, 2012

Buddha Board

 Have you seen a Buddha Board?
sept 11 011
It’s a board that is covered with what feels like very thin felt.
You paint with water on it.
When it dries, your picture disappears.
It is very Zen.
sept 12 016
A friend gave me mine several years ago and I used it for awhile till it was designated to a shelf when the seasons changed.
Then this spring it was found during a housecleaning spree.
So I took it to work.
sept 13 009
I like the environmental factor.
I also enjoy watching the children use it.
sept 13 010
sept 13 013
How they use their body.
sept 13 014
sept 13 015
How they use the whole board.
sept 13 038
How it dries and is ready to be used by someone new.