Saturday, March 21, 2015

Experimenting with Colours

     A week ago I shared a post about painting daffodils at a table with
                       small easels made from pizza boxes.
    Last Friday was the beginning of changing the daffodils to carnations.  
          We started by doing the carnation colour changing experiment.
   The children added colour dye to bottles of water, sometimes having to
                                mix two colours to make a new one.
        They each added a flower to their bottle and we talked about our
                            predictions of what might happen.

Monday morning the families arrived to see our daffodils and tulips moved off our painting table and in their place were the carnations.  We noticed, right away, how the white carnations now had colour around the edges of the petals.
This week most of the children understood that the flowers in the middle of
                           the table were there as a subject to paint.
I also changed the paints to watercolours.  I noticed that the children enjoyed using the small paint palette to mix the colours.  Some learned that the more water they used, on the paint, the darker the colour would be on the paper.
   Some came to the table with a different subject in mind and with focus
                        was able to paint it on the paper.