Monday, March 23, 2015

Rolling Oats

Colleen, another facilitator in our district, told me about a set of food kits at our Learning Resource Centre.  In the past I’ve borrowed the ice cream maker kit when we made fresh ice cream.  I also borrowed the pasta maker but was a bit intimidated to try it.
                              This time I got the Grains kit. 
It has two grinders; one for seeds, like poppy or flax and the other is for rolling oats.
                   This is the oats roller.  It clips on to the table. 
            It has two steel wheels that the whole oats slip through.
                     Here are the oats before and after rolling them.
                 We rolled enough oats to make apple oatmeal. 
It was rewarding to learn how oats are rolled and be able to use them to cook a delicious snack.

Colleen has offered to give me a lesson on making pasta sometime.  I’m looking forward to that.