Friday, December 16, 2011

Pete the Cat On Tour

I've had to close a few days early this December because of our school closing and relocating.
So I planned a field trip to our local library.
I mentioned to the librarian that Pete the Cat would be with us and would like a tour of the library.
This is how our morning went.

Pete met the families and had them sign in.
While we waited for everyone to arrive there was gingerbread to decorate and books to read.

This is Mary, the librarian, talking to the families about what the library has to offer (check out the Lit Kits - they're great) and how to get a library card.
 When we turned to get Pete to start the tour, he had disappeared.
But we found this note where he was sitting.
 Ahh, a clue.
 We searched by the music CDs but didn't find Pete only another clue.
 Then he sent us over by the children's cookbooks but we found cat kibbles.
Pete must have been hungry.
One more clue led us to one of Pete's favourite authors, Mo Wilhems. 
 We searched all the shelves till we found the 'w'.
 And there he was beside the book "Don't let the Pidgeon Drive the Bus"
The children were happy to have him back.
We had one more stop on our field trip.
That was to see the gingerbread displays.
Our Candy Castle won first place in the children's category.
But this was Pete's favourite - the Three Little Pigs.
The children liked it too.
It caused a discussion of what on it we could eat and what we couldn't.
They used toy pigs and a wolf 
but everything else was edible.