Sunday, June 7, 2015

Potato Candy

With our first tub of spuds harvest we made Potato Candy.
It’s a simple recipe that has a small amount of potato and a lot of sugar. 
     This is a recipe that should be eaten in small amounts.
I had mashed potatoes the night before and we measured them into the bowl
      with the coconut and vanilla.  Almond flavouring is delicious too.
After mixing it in we added the icing sugar.  The spoon was working fine but I thought
                  it would be a lot more fun to use our hands.
It was such a wonderful sensory experience and I was impressed that these two
           children got right in there and did a great job mixing it altogether.
After we each had a little spoonful we pressed it into the pan.  I’ll take it home,
cut them in squares and dip them in chocolate.  It will be a special treat when we harvest tub #2.