Thursday, February 2, 2017

Groundhog Day

It's Groundhog Day and we went looking for shadows.
Inside, behind our screen the children play with the overhead projector.
Not all of them notice the shadows that they are making on the larger screen
but once they do they tend to add more.

At the art table they tried to make their own shadows using small toys
and flashlights.
That was very simple, the hard part was documenting that shadow.
Paint, brush and water were provided 
but it was hard to make the shadow and paint it.
This process made for a good cooperative activity with their grown up.
Off to the side was another area to explore.

 Then we went outside.
We first we stood close to the school where the sun couldn't find us.
After looking and not seeing our shadows
we walked into the sun.
Using chalk we traced each other's shadows.
Before we went out we read the book "The Black Rabbit"
by Philippa Leathers.
At the end of the book rabbit and the Black Rabbit hold hands
and walk off together.
Some children tried to trace their grown ups shadow.
It took her a while but she persisted and finished it.