Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fish Hatchery Tour

   Oh we had a fantastic day at the fish hatchery. 
          Today was egg intake day.
  oct 22 034 oct 22 039
                     So many fish to see. 
              Painted on the ground to follow
       oct 22 101
             and in the holding tanks to watch.

oct 22 092   oct 22 100
The fish have come back up the river to the place where they were born. 
They are excited and we saw many of them jumping out of the water.

oct 22 110 oct 22 103 
We watched the works herd the fish into smaller compartments closer
                                         to a lift.
 PicMonkey Collage
Once the salmon were brought up with the lift, they were dumped
into a tray.  The workers sorted the fish looking for female salmon.

oct 22 117 oct 22 118
       oct 22 119
The next step was to slit the fish and remove all the eggs.  The eggs are
tiny and bright orange.   The eggs came out so quickly and so many that
                       we couldn’t count them.

oct 22 052   oct 22 024  
oct 22 021  oct 22 063
A favourite part of the tour is going down below the tanks to get a face to fish
view.  Watching the fish up close really allows us to understand their size, body
parts (fin, eyes, teeth) and colours.

That led to our art project…
  oct 22 073 oct 22 076
              Painting a salmon and lifting a print. 
We had only one fish so the children worked in teams of two taking turns
                     painting the fish
oct 22 025  oct 22 067
     then helping each other rub the paper and lifting it off.
         oct 22 075
     They each had a print to take home as a keepsake.

We finished with songs, snack and a story.
oct 22 089 oct 22 090
I found a book called Ebbie and Flo by Irene Kelly. 
It was great for telling the life of two salmon siblings.
       ebbie and flo
Ebbie is a smart little salmon who wants to stay in his nest in the
small stream where he was born. Flo is Ebbie's twin sister. She
wants to explore the whole river, the estuary and the deep blue sea.

 oct 22 080 oct 22 081
     oct 22 078
Today was a wonderful experience to learn more about the salmon that we have been pretending to catch in our dramatic play area at school.  I wonder how we can incorporate salmon eggs at school?