Friday, November 2, 2012

Squirt Painting

                  oct 17 001
                   This art activity was so much fun.
    I bought these turkey baster type syringes at the dollar store
    over a year ago and have been just waiting for the opportunity
    (and the nerve) to try them.
              oct 17 002
           I used pizza boxes taped to the art table for easels.
        oct 17 007  oct 17 008
                oct 17 006
      The biggest challenge for the children was to figure out how to
      fill the syringe with paint.
      Once they figured it out there was no stopping them.
   oct 17 003  oct 17 012
     The paint flowed beautifully down the easel and pooled at the bottom.
     It looked like poured painting that was all the rage last year.
oct 17 040 oct 17 041
            To me it looked like the aftermath of a paintball fight.
oct 17 030  oct 17 021
               There were a few mishaps along the way. 
               But those were very few considering the control it
               took to aim and push on the syringe.
        oct 18 030
       We had to show off this beautiful work out in the hallway.
                         oct 18 031
 oct 25 037  oct 25 038