Monday, February 21, 2011

Airport Fieldtrip

Today we went on a fieldtrip to our local airport.  It was great.
This is Alex, he showed us all around.  Here he was explaining why he wears the bright jacket.
Our tour centered around our little pink suitcase.  We followed it.
At the check in counter, our little pink suitcase had to be weighed and ticketed.
It was ready to head off on it's journey.
We followed it to the baggage security where it went through a big xray machine.
After seeing what was inside our luggage it continued to the end of the conveyor belt.
Alex showed us the luggage cart,
and then outside to the tarmac,
this is the golf cart that pulls the luggage cart to the airplane.
We were so lucky to walk across the tarmac when this plane was being prepared.
The ramp was in place for the passengers,
More security workers were waiting for the all go signal.
The airplane was being refueled.
Finally the passengers could board the plane.

Alex showed us the extra fuel truck and how the big hose attaches to the plane.
Time to send our little pink suitcase inside.
Onto another conveyor belt from outside heading in.
We followed it,
and watched it go around and around,
before picking it up.
We also put it on the other conveyor belt that goes upstairs,
then it came down the big ramp.
Next we went into customs,
where Alex checked inside our suitcase to see that we didn't bring anything extra in to the country.
Then we went through security ourselves.
This young guy brought his own security wand and is showing us how it works.
We each had a turn to walk through and listened for a beep noise.
After security we took the elevator upstairs.
Not all of us could fit in the elevator at the same time, some of us had to wait for it to come back for us.
Yay, snack time in the board room to finish off the tour.
Some families weren't quite ready to leave so we watched for the next plane to arrive.
It didn't take long.
It was a great day at the airport - thanks Alex.