Friday, March 18, 2016

StoryWalk - A Color of His Own

Yesterday when we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in the forest
we also did another StoryWalk.
I picked the book by Leo Lionni called "A Color of His Own".
I read this book several times at school during the past week.
 So today the children attempted to read the story themselves.
    Trying to remember how it went by looking at the pictures.
The story is about a chameleon who wants to have his own colour
like all other animals.
I created a see through chameleon for each child to use to help
find colours.
Here's a splattered chameleon,
a red chameleon,
green grassy chameleons,
and muddy chameleons.
As we continued on the StoryWalk reading the pages the children
used their chameleon on each page.
They took their chameleons home to continue to find 
colours and patterns.