Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wee Folk Woods Makeover

 DSCN2680 DSCN2676
About a month ago we finished our clay door project with our
big buddies and the doors were mounted on trees in the woods
behind our school.
   march 20 001
We created a poem and poster to invite the rest of the school to go
for a walk and enjoy the doors.  They did and came back and told us
about the fun they had.
Unfortunately the doors haven’t survived.  Most of them have been

So yesterday we created new doors, a new way.
       may 1 054
We went back to using wood, decorating them with nails
and string.
may 1 039 may 1 042
The buddies worked together to hammer the nails into the wood
in a variety of patterns then they tied the string around the nails.

may 1 035 may 1 043
This project strengthened the relationships that have been growing
between our youngest and oldest students.  Their patience, trust and
pleasure of working together was shown in many ways.
may 1 061 may 1 063
Most of the doors will go into the Wee Folk Woods but a few will be
new doors for Fairy Lane.
     may 1 050