Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple Bread

Oh I love this time of season for the apples.  So crisp when they are fresh.  Today we baked Apple Pull-Apart Bread.  I found the recipe at Julie's Eats and Treats.
                   I made a loaf at home last night. 
It smelled so good that my husband had to try it before I took it to school.
   IMG_4864 IMG_0401
This recipe offered the children lots of cutting practice.  We used scissors
               and knives to cut the apples into small chunks.
  IMG_0412 IMG_0414
       Then we added brown sugar and cinnamon to the apples. 
                         Mixing it to coat the apples.
IMG_0410 IMG_0409
Next we cut up the bread dough into little pieces.  Sometimes getting help
                                   how to hold the scissors.
     The bread is assembled in layers and we talked about patterns. 
                A layer of bread, a layer of apples, then repeat.
  IMG_0423 IMG_4880
Drizzle each layer with melted butter and it’s ready for a warm oven
                                     to rise for an hour.
IMG_0437 IMG_0441
      Our classroom filled with a warm, delicious bread smell.
     Everyone wanted to try and some wanted an extra piece.