Saturday, November 3, 2012

Global Ginger Kids

                nov 1 012
                   It all started the day before Hallowe’en.

     We’ve been talking about ideas for this year’s gingerbread
        and to set the mood we made some gingerbread people.
               oct 30 009
I started by showing them how I roll out the dough between two pieces
of wax paper (less mess and easier to transfer to the pan).

               I made a big ginger girl and a big ginger boy.
                oct 30 013
Once they were safely in the oven the children made their own ginger child.
                oct 30 014
oct 30 017 oct 30 018 oct 30 019
             oct 30 020
We put their pan aside and went to check on the big ginger kids
           oct 30 037
        But to our surprise they were gone from the oven.
          oct 30 038
     One child suggested that they were hiding under the pan.
         We checked but they were no longer in the oven.

  oct 30 039 oct 30 042
We turned to check for them and saw crumbs on the floor that led
                               into the hall.
         oct 30 040
                  They led us to the front doors.
          oct 30 041
       And there we found ginger kids cut outs with a letter.
         oct 30 004
                      This is why we need your help.

  Could you send us a letter or a post card from your town
  with a short story of what our Ginger Kids would like to
  see if they did visit. 
         oct 30 003
                               Send it to:
                                   Brooklyn StrongStart
                                   1290 Guthrie Rd.,
                                   Comox, British Columbia
                                   V9M 4G2

We look forward to checking our mailbox and will keep you up to date
here on the blog.