Thursday, November 1, 2018

Learning About Halloween

It's the Little One's first real Halloween.
We've spent time reading books about pumpkins and costumes.
And walking around the neighbourhood looking at decorations.
At home I painted four peg dolls in Halloween costumes.
A jack o'lantern, a monster, a ghost and a witch.
I also painted a wooden house with chalk board paint.
Back at the Little One's house I set up a table in the kitchen.
They had a flat cardboard box that fit perfectly.
I taped it down and set up the scene with 5 little pumpkins, the peg dolls and house, as well as chalk.
She loved the chalk.
I showed her that it could be used to draw on the house and the cardboard.
After she drew on the house, I drew a path way.
The trick or treaters are practicing walking down the street.
Then she practiced "Booing!"
We've been playing a lot with the word/sign for scared.
She uses it when she retells being scared
but when she is scared she usually cries "momma, momma, momma".