Thursday, March 8, 2018

Introducing Colours

Colours are all around us and they are fun to introduce.
One of my grand daughter's favourite books is 
"Treasure Hunt Counting Colours"
I like this book because of the big layout.
It's not cluttered but gives a toddler a challenge.
We've followed her lead in showing us what she is interested in on each page.
For example, on the green page, if she points at the frog I say "frog" and introduce the sign.
Then we look to see if there are any other frogs on the page.
Over time I'll add words like big and small
and what sound a frog makes.
On the purple page she was interested in the balloons
so we sign and find all the balloons.
But when she points at the onion we talk about same and different.
Using the signs for each one helps her hear and see that they are different.
At the moment her favourite thing to find on the purple page are the socks.
On the blue page we've introduced "pretend" and pick up the blueberries to eat them.
On the black page it was the truck.
This is because we talk about what her dad drives to work.
We make a sound for truck too (vroom).
On the white page she points to a bear then attempts to sign it.

On the orange page it is the cats.
Then I introduced the sign for tiger and she points to that one too.
Interestingly she rarely spends any time looking at the yellow page
even when I point out things I know she likes.
Whereas brown is my favourite.
Mmmm chocolate, bread, snuggly teddy bears are some of my favourite things.

I think we need to find some easy "I Spy" books for her next.