Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Sensory Table DIY

In the past week I had a couple of parents ask me where I bought our sensory table.  I told them where and the cost ($250).  Then I told them how they could make one themselves.

This morning my husband and I went thrift store shopping and I found this small table.  It’s about 18 inches tall, perfect for toddlers.  At another store I found the white tub.

At home I explained to my husband what I wanted and this is how he made it.
  IMGP2993 IMGP2996
He measured the inside diameter of the bowl first then on the table he found the centre point.  Using a pencil on the string he drew the circle.
     IMGP2999 IMGP3001
Next he drilled a hole through the top then used a jigsaw to cut out the circle.
It’s a very sturdy table, as you can see there are two layers and two circles.  The bowl fits almost perfect.  It was a bit loose so he screwed pieces of padding to make it snug.
Our new table cost $10.25, not including the cost of the cake I made
             as a thank you for my husband’s work.